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Smart TV App Technology By Oohly To Allow Buying Celebrity Endorsed Products Directly From the Screen While Watching

Have you ever wondered how TV programs make money? Most TV programs make a lot of money out of the adverts you see. It is common sense to admire clothes worn by celebrities in most programs. Even movies nowadays inspire what you wear. Favorite artists on televisions inspire the youth on what to wear.

The effects of TV program on the life of citizens

In order to tap into the advertising power of what you see on TV, Oohly who is a Kansas based entrepreneur has designed an app which will display ads on your screen from where you can click and get directed to where the TV anchors and those dancers on the best video clips bought the clothes. If you are watching movie and you will like to know the price of a luxury car, the TV app allows ad pop up from where you can just click using the smart TV remote from the comfort of your sofa set where you will be directed to the sellers of the cars.

Is the oohly app disruptive?

No, you will not have to close your favorite channel; it will just open a side window from where you can visit the buyer’s stores while you keep watching the TV program. Other items you can know where the celebrities bought them on the favorite TV program include:

Apparels worn by celebrities on TV shows

Luxury furniture

Games consoles

Best electronics such as home theaters

It is to your advantage because the app will let you know exactly where to buy them.

There are some TV programs which get interrupted where the TV presenters start discussing about the devices they are using. For example, others will start discussing about the luxury watches they are wearing. Many people who admire their lifestyles end up buying the sport watches.

The app even allows you to buy items you see on movies. Provided you have a smart TV model, you will just have a pop up where the app will direct you to the official sellers. You even avoid buying counterfeits because the TV will direct you to the suppliers who sold to the actors on the TV.

Where else can the Oohly app run?

Apart from smart TV, the app can as well run on:

Internet-enabled TV

Internet enabled Tablets

Desktop Computers while watching TV programs

Laptops after installing the app

Smart Phone where you watch movies and TV programs

The smart TV technology keeps on improving. With the technology, you can use your computer to accomplish different tasks which were previously reserved for the computers. For instance, you can connect the TV to internet and access entertainment channels such as YouTube, Netflix among other programs which will keep you enjoying. In order to enjoy the many benefits associated with the apps, you need to buy a smart TV.

What makes a smart TV stand out?

The TV technology has evolved over time. There was a time when televisions were preserved for the few in the community. The TV sets were expensive to an extent where only the rich could afford. Things have changed nowadays where TV networks have evolved to be part of almost all population. First, there were LED TVs then the technology changed to incorporate the smart TVs. The smart TV allows you to access the web through the television set. It comes with several features which modern TV watchers would love.

Utilize apps on the internet

There are different apps available out there. You can turn your smart TV into any device. For instance, if you love playing video games, you can turn your smart TV into a gaming TV where you can enjoy a lot of free video games online.

Satellite TV

Most smart TVs support the option of satellite TVs. It is an option where you can stream content from the cable channels. Availability of movies and shows on the satellite TV makes you to enjoy all-time favorite movies among other amazing content. Most smart TVs are available in 4K high resolution which makes them stand out.

Wealth of content

You will never run short of content with a smart TV. For instance, you can enjoy watching favorite TV programs such as:

  1. Hulu Plus
  2. Vudu
  3. Netflix
  4. CinemaNow
  5. YouTube
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. Pandora
  8. PlutoTV

The above are just few TV streaming services supported by the smart TVs. The inbuilt features even list apps as per your preferences so that you can access them easily.

Why do smart TVs come with apps?

The main difference between the smart TVs and the ordinary TVs comes in when taking into consideration the way you access the internet. The smart TVs allow you to access features available on Tablets, PCs, and Smartphones among others. There are even some models which can allow you access social networking sites. Music streaming services are also supported on the smart TV platforms.

Use of mobile to control your TV

You can stream your photos, movies, music among other entertainment data straight from your smartphone to the TV. Use of mobile apps such a SmartCentral allows you to easily synchronize the TV with your smartphone so that you can enjoy endless entertainment. Your mobile phone acts as a remote control in such a case. It is a new technology which keeps on improving the experience of owning a smart TV.

Tips When Using a Smart TV

After you make a decision to buy a smart TV, there are several factors you should take into consideration. Your smart TV will utilize the internet. You need to prepare and have stable internet connection so that you can enjoy all the features.

Increase your internet bandwidth

To enjoy ultra-high definition guaranteed by the smart TV connection, you need to improve on the network bandwidth. It may cost you more if you live in areas with expensive internet connections. Even if it will cost more, you open limitless opportunities in your entertainment sphere.

Surf from your sofa

A smart TV allows you to access the World Wide Web. You can use the remote to move to the menus from where you can choose to browse the web right from the comfort of your sofa. It is a great experience if you can browse the web while relaxing on the sofa set.

De-clutter your family room

A smart TV will offer you different services. It will perform the functions of a blue ray DVD due to the availability of movie streaming sites. You can remove some of the items you don’t need from the living room hence the TV helps you stay organized.

Become more social

After watching your favorite channel, you can use the smart TV to move to other social sites such as twitter and Facebook from where you can interact. It serves several needs in your home hence it is a great addition to any home.

Benefits of Buying As Smart TV

Better watching Experience

You access any form of entertainment. The technology in the entertainment scene keeps on improving. In order to enjoy different entertainment opportunities, you need to opt for the smart TV.

Easy to control

When relaxing on your sofa, you can choose any type of entertainment to continue enjoying your viewing experience. You can access entertainment for both children and adults with a smart TV. It opens your control over what you can access and watch.

Allows families to enjoy good company

You can relax with family members and watch the smart TV. Apart from watching the TV at home with children, you can as well use features such as video on demand services to get connected with your family members.

Wide range of entertainment options

You will not have any limit on the type of entertainment you can access. The smart TV option allows you to access any type of entertainment channel from where you can enjoy your watching experience.

Why is a smart TV experience?

You may have noted from your price comparison so that most smart TVs attract high price tags. The TVs are highly priced due to the fact that they offer you several benefits. They are clear and will allow you access any type of entertainment channel. Apart from the smart TVs being highly priced, they are also available in reasonable prices if you go for less popular brands. Going for brands such as Samsung can expose you to a lot of expenses. But there are several cheap options out there.

Smart TV models

  1. TCL
  2. Hisense
  3. LG
  4. LG
  5. Samsung
  6. Sony
  7. Panasonic
  8. Philips
  9. Sharp
  10. Toshiba
  11. Vizio

How to connect a smart TV to the internet

You will need Wi-Fi connection or internet connections to access the internet. The process is simple, for the Wi-Fi connection, check on the settings where you can turn on the Wi-Fi and the TV will get connected. For the enthernet, there are specific ports behind the unit where you can plug in and the TV will get connected.

Software update on smart TVs

The smart TVs run on software which manufacturers keep on updating. Major brands will update your TV from time to time so that you can enjoy the latest features. Just like the way your smartphone gets updated, the smart TV work in the same manner.

Are there cases where a smart v can hang like a PC?

The smart TVs operate on the same operating system just like most PCs; there are times when the smart TV software may hang if you do not update it on a regular basis. For the best results, you need to keep on updating the TV on a regular basis. If you are connected to the internet in most of the time, it should not be an issue because the TV can update automatically.

What are the latest feature being added to smart TVs

Some of the new features added to smart TVs include voice assistants such as: Google home and Amazon’s Alexa.

Can a smart TV play games

If you love video games, you can apply them online. The TV allows you to access different games which have online versions which you can play from any device. You can even use emulator features to play the video games on your TV as if you are using the game consoles.

Comparing smart TV with set top boxes

There are several set top boxes you can access to enjoy streaming content on any TV. The smart TV cannot replace them. They are way cheaper but there are several other benefits a smart TV can offer you such as accessing the web among other features.

Can a smart TV exposes you to security issues

Yes, with rampant increases on malware attacks. If your internet connection is not secure, a hacker can access the TV and install you a password. You need to be careful when handling the TV set top box because it acts more like computers in your home. You can as well stay safe by avoiding things such as online banking on a TV set.

Can a hacker use a smart TV to watch you?

Yes, hackers have developed techniques which can allow them watch you. Just the way a hacker can install software and start spying you. There are several steps you can take to stop people from spying on you. For instance, ensure the software is updated so that there will be no vulnerability which can be taken advantage by hackers.

Is it possible to surf the internet using a smart TV

Yes, the set come with inbuilt browsers which you can use to surf the internet. You should be careful when ordering the sets. Not all of them come with browsers which can easily display images on the screen. With advancement in technology, there are some models which can make it possible to surf the internet conveniently.

Is it possible to use a smart TV and watch local channels

The set does not affect your ability to watch local channels. You can watch them as well as other entertainment supported by the World Wide Web.

Can you enjoy better picture and sound on a smart TV?

It is not a must. It will depend on the model. Different models which incorporate different sound systems. If your brand has better sound system, then you can enjoy clear sound. If it has clear display, you will as well enjoy watching.

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