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Jumia Black Friday Offers, Items for Sale and Tips for You to Save Money Out Of the Deals in Kenya

You should take advantage of Jumia black Friday offers. What is black Friday? It may seem a new terminology in Kenya. If you can visit online shops in Kenya such as killmall and Jumia in Kenya, you will access several exciting offers. It is a day for you to save big. If you intend to buy items such as phones, computers or laptops in Kenya, you can take advantage of the big offers and save big.

What is black Friday?

To many Kenyan, black Friday is a day where you access exciting offers online. But, the truth is black Friday is a day where many buyers buy products. It was started in the United States in 1952. The day follows the Thanksgiving Day in The United States of America. Many people regard it as a Christmas shopping season. You can buy your loved ones a gift during the big day.

Jumia Kenya Black Friday Offers and Tips for You to Achieve the Best

What is Jumia Flash sale?

It is a promotion where an item is offered at a discount for a limited time. The Jumia Flash sale can occur on any item; you can find phones, TVs in Kenya, laptops among other items on offer. There is a timer which counts till the draw is made. The draw is simple the first person to place the item in cart upon the elapse of the timer.

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Tips for you to save on Jumia Flash sale

The sales are offered on a limited time. For example, you can have a television of 50 inch sold at say 15K. For you to enjoy the enormous discount, you need to watch the timer and be the first to buy. Some of the tips you can employ include the following:

  • Sign up for a Jumia customer account
  • Stay signed in during the black Friday season and watch out for the flash share
  • Like social pages of Jumia for you to get updates on upcoming Jumia Flash sale
  • Refresh the pages on your Jumia account so that you can keep watch of the timer
  • Click the buy button immediately the timer elapses
  • You may be lucky to have an item in your cart at a great discount
  • Have money ready to pay for the product
  • In most cases, you can have several items offered, if you click on the buy button on one and you are not successful, and then click on the next item till you are successful.
  • Never be discouraged and label Jumia Kenya a scam, many people know about the offers and someone may have beat you while trying to buy the product on the flash sale. Remember any Kenyans try their level best to enjoy the discounts.

Offers of the Day at Jumia Kenya

Apart from Jumia Flash sale, you can enjoy Jumia black Friday offers of the day. They are easy to grab when compared to flash sales. The offers of the day are products which are placed under offer at different days. They can stay on the Jumia platform for long for you to buy. I once tried flash sale on a Skyworth TV but I was unsuccessful. I managed to buy Aucma TV later on the Jumia offers of the day.

Vendor vouchers

You can use the vendor vouchers offered at Jumia for you to save money. The process is easy, click on the voucher offer button and you will access a code which you can apply during check out for you to save during Jumia black Friday offers. Some of the products you can buy at Jumia using the vouchers include the following:

TV and audio products in Jumia Kenya at offers

There are several TVs you can buy. Jumia has partnered with international companies which make it possible to buy international TV brands such as:

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  1. Samsung TVs in Kenya
  2. LG TVs in Kenya
  3. Panasonic
  4. Sharp
  5. Vizio TV in Kenya
  6. Philips TVs in Kenya
  7. Toshiba TV
  8. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  9. RCA
  10. ONIDA TV
  11. Philips TVs
  12. Videocon
  13. Panasonic
  14. Micromax
  15. SONY
  16. Sanyo
  17. Hisense
  18. TCL TVs
  19. JVC
  20. Insignia Systems, Inc.
  21. Bose Corporation
  22. Haier TVs
  23. Bang & Olufsen
  24. LOEWE
  25. Daewoo TVs

Computing products at Jumia Kenya on Black Friday offer

Jumia black friday offers on computing
Jumia black Friday offers on computing

If you are looking for a way you can buy computers, there are several of them you can access at Jumia on a daily basis. But, because we will like to take advantage of Jumia black Friday deals, you can always buy your computing products during the black Friday season.

Automotive products at Jumia

You can buy products such as car tires, car subwoofers, rims among others under the automotive category. Keep checking and you can access a car detailing kit at a fair price.

Mobile phones on offer at Jumia Kenya

Jumia phones in black friday offers
Jumia phones in black friday offers

When it comes to Jumia phones in Kenya, you have a wide collection of phones for you to buy. Some of the Jumia phones you can order during black Friday include:

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  1. Samsung phones in Kenya
  2. Infinix phones in Kenya
  3. Techno phones
  4. Huawei
  5. Apple phones in Kenya
  6. X-tigi
  7. Ferro phones
  8. Xiaomi
  9. HTC
  10. Owwo phones in Kenya
  11. Lenovo phones in Kenya
  12. Sports and fitness
  13. CTRONIQ phones


Baby and kids products at Jumia

There are several products you need for your kids such as strollers and car baby seat among others. You can access them at fair prices if you can take advantage of Jumia Kenya black Friday deals.

Jumia online supermarket

If you are tired of doing shopping in your local supermarket, you can access all the supermarket products online in the Jumia supermarket category.

Men’s fashion

The men’s wear includes, ties, sweat pants among other items. They are offered at discounts during the big sale season.

Women’s fashion at Jumia black Friday offers

There are several dresses you can buy for your loved ones as gifts during the black Friday sales.

Beauty products

If you need mascara, acne creams among other beauty products in Kenya, and then you can access them at Jumia on a discount during black Friday

Home appliance

Jumia black Friday home appliance offers
Jumia black Friday home appliance offers

If you are looking for refrigerators, washing machines, cookers and ovens among other appliances, you can access them at the store. Most of their prices are among the best in the industry.

Fashion accessories

After you buy your cute dress, you need other items such as necklaces among other items.

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Sports and fitness products on offer at Jumia black Friday

You can equip your home gym during the black Friday sales at Jumia. For instance, you can have treadmills in Kenya, body sculpture machines, weights among other products.

Fashion accessories in Jumia black Friday

Think of any accessory and you can access it at Jumia.