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Dupont in Dilemma on How to Choose New Executives, Tips Shareholders Can Use To Make the Right Decision

Dupont Delivers has been in existence for long. The company has grown to accumulate assets which are very attractive to any investor. Its future is being debated due to management issues. Just like any successful company, there are issues which arise when trying to choose top CEOs. In a recent battle, DuPont delivers was faced with challenges where Mr. Peltz’s firm, Trian Fund Management nominated people who would be considered as executives. The company founders would like to choose the best leaders who can see them succeed, but the intrigues such as court cases makes it hard for the company to choose the best people according  to the investors. The office holders should have great capability.

Dupont net worth

The company is worth more than $60 billion. The inclusion of proxy advisory firm makes it possible for the investors to come up with names of people who can lead the company. When a lot of assets are involved, the issue of choosing top management becomes tenser because many interests come to play. According to I.S.S. dupontdelivers.com is not a broken company. They are trying to restructure so that they can focus on science targeted businesses. The company has seen great improvements in the past.

Areas where DuPont focuses

The company focuses in areas such as silence based businesses, administrative research, and corporate governance practices, among other businesses. A proxy advisory firm was chosen to lead the process of choosing top executives as a way of making the process easy. The conglomerate also deals with other businesses such as health and nutrition. Back in 2007, they subtracted the nutrition business from their products.

Hospitality business

The company also deals in hospitality business such as hotels. Main shareholders who play a great part in the decision making of the company as far as choosing top officials in concerned include TRAIN. The business structure by DuPont is very complex. It is a big company hence many shareholders are involved which even make the decision making process very complex. Some of the business owned by DuPont conglomerate includes the following:

Hotel du Pont

The Hotel du Pont is located in Wilmington, Delaware. It is a fully furnished hotel where you can access all types of services. It serves both travelers and locals who will like to enjoy their free time. Before you proceed to book the hotel, it is necessary to carry out research so that you can know the different features available at the hotel. From reviews which many travelers offer, the hotel has good reputation in offering the best services.

Services offered at Hotel du Pont


Just like any other hotel, when travelling to Delaware, you need somewhere you can just relax and spend the night. There are different accommodation facilities at the hotel for you to choose the best. The hotel boasts of different rooms which you can choose the best. If you would like to stay out with family members and enjoy, you can get a room which is ideal for family stay at the hotel.


There are different types of dishes served at the hotel. If you would like to enjoy your stay, you can order your favorite dishes and enjoy with family and friends. There are different cuisines served thanks to the highly experienced chefs at the hotel. You can order different dishes for your breakfast, brunch and even diner. Hotel environment is very clean hence you can enjoy your free time with family and friends as you enjoy the tasty meals.


If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy meetings, then you need to think about the Hotel DuPont. They have meeting facilities which can accommodate different types of meetings. There are cases where big organizations in Delaware will like to have their annual general meetings held in hotels with specific features, the hotel has spacious meeting facilities where different guests can be accommodated. Even if you would like to host several people in the facility, you can easily do so provided you book early. They have comprehensive booking services where you can easily book the services online and start planning the meeting in advance.

Event venues

There are different event which need special spaces. The hotel is fully equipped with different facilities where you can hold different events. If you would like to organize a party for your corporate, you can easily do so after you book the services of the hotel. They are fully prepared to handle different events with great care. Each of your guests will be attended to while adhering to the necessary protocol.

Weddings & social events

You need to host your wedding in a place where the memories will be great. The different manicured fields in the hotel offer the best places where you can enjoy your free time with family and friends during your big day. There are several factors you need to consider before booking a wedding venue. You need to check on the organization of the venue among other factors. If you take into consideration different factors, you will realize the hotel stands out as a great place where you can host your event and achieve great success.

DuPont Country Club

The DuPont Country Club comes with several facilities to allow you relax and enjoy life. If you love fitness, the facility comes with venues where you can apply different types of sports. Some of the common sports covered in the country club include tennis, golf among others. There are even cases where you can learn on how to play tennis among other sports. The online booking option makes it possible to book the services online.

Golf court at the DuPont Country Club

The country club has three 18 hole golf courses. The three golf courses include Dupont, Montchanin and the Nemours. They are carefully designed to meet the needs of high end golfers. Other features in the golf course include driving range and indoor lessons for the golfers. If you would like to get started in your golfing adventure, you can sign up and start taking the lessons.


The country club has 17 outdoor clay courts. Out of the 17 courts, 8 of them are lighted to assure players great time as they enjoy their favorite games. Indoor courts add up to 6 in total making the country club stand out. To learn on how the different tennis moves are executed, you can utilize the available ball machine.


The hotel is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your free time. You need to be fit at all times. The availability of a fitness center at the country club allows you to work out and stay in good shape at all times. There are over 40 pieces of equipment in the fitness center to allow you enjoy great fitness sessions.


For unforgettable dinner, you can enjoy wine among other drinks in the Wedgewood room. Casual family dining can be arranged so that you can enjoy your time with family members. The legendary bar and grille offers the best place to organize a family casual diner.

The DuPont Theatre

The theater is among the facilities available from the DuPont conglomerate company. There are several things which make the theater stand out. They include the following:

Talented actors

The actors at the theater are highly talented. They will go into detail to incorporate different features so that you can enjoy your session. The theater seats can be reserved online after which you will only avail yourself to start enjoying the big scenes.

Different plays showcased

The theater showcases different plays. There are those which are ideal for children while others can work well for the whole family. You can check on when the different plays will be showcased from where you can choose carefully to attend those which can be suitable for you.

Well-conditioned theater spaces

The theater spaces are air conditioned. You do not have to fear cases where you will sweat profusely due to congestion. They have taken the time to design the theaters in such a way you will always enjoy your time while at the theater. Many people prefer the theaters and most of them are highly satisfied with the great sessions they enjoy.

Tickets readily available

You will not have to be stressed on where you can get the tickets, they are readily available online. You can book in advance so that you can travel to the theater while assured of a space where you can enjoy watching the plays with family members.

Suitable for the whole family

The different plays showcased are suitable for the whole family, if you are looking for a theater where you can enjoy time with family members, then the DuPont Theater can be a great place.


Other services which the company offers are the Chemours. It is a chemical factory which deals with sale of different products. Some of the products offered include:


It is used in different applications such as cookware or cell phone antennas. It is engineered to meet the needs of the modern day industrial applications.


It is a product used in plastics, coatings, laminates and the paper manufacture.


The product is applied in refrigerants where it acts as a low global warming product. It is highly effective in refrigeration processes.


It is a long life lubricant which can withstand high temperatures. Engines which operate in extreme temperature can apply the lubricants.


It is a product which seals gaskets. Its ability to resist extreme temperature makes it ideal in sealing caskets for both cold and extreme temperature applications.


It is applied in power output and fuel cell industry.


It is a refrigerant for both commercial air conditioning as well as residential applications.

Investor vote at DuPont

Many investors in DuPont are made up of retail business investors. They investors are supposed to cast votes but most of them end up not voting due to different reasons. There are others who will be more concerned about making money among other reasons.

Tips when choosing top executives in big conglomerates

There are several issues which face big companies such as DuPont when trying to choose executives. The conglomerate needs someone who is highly experienced to tackle the challenges which come with running big organizations. Some of the tips you can apply in the running of the big companies include the following:

1.Check whether the leader is fully informed on the field

There are certain issues which your company deals with, in order to know whether the CEO you are about to hire can handle the company, you should check whether he understands the field well. There are some executives who may have prior knowledge in the same field, they will offer great services if given the chance to serve.

  1. Where has the CEO ever worked before?

You need to check on whether the expert has ever worked before. Ask the applicant questions about his past place of work from where you can know whether he is the most ideal candidate. If he had an opportunity to serve in the same capacity while handling challenges similar to the one your company will face, then you can proceed and hire the expert for the job.

  1. Ask questions related to the job

It is necessary to hire an expert who understands the job well; if possible, you should ask question related to the job. If he answers them well, then you can proceed and hire the expert for the job.

  1. Does the potential CEO have any conflicts of interest?

You will risk hiring an underperforming CEO if you go for one who has conflict of interest. Check on other busses which the CEO runs from where you can know whether there will be conflict of interest if you hire such a CEO in your company.

  1. What new changes can he bring to the company?

There are some changes which the CEO can bring which can grow the company. During the interview, you need to find out the new changes which the expert can bring to your organization. There are others who can suggest great ideas if implemented well.

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