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Best Gym Ball and Work out Equipment in Kenya Review & Price List Comparison

What is a gym ball? Some of the uses of a gym ball include finding the neutral spine position. It is necessary for you to locate the position so that you can always perform posture correction exercises in the right way. Other uses of a gym ball include increasing abdominal as well as back muscle strength. Balance and stability increase drastically after you buy the gym ball and learn how to apply it the right way. Overall control and strength of the core body muscles are enhanced through the application of the gym ball. There are many benefits you can enjoy upon purchasing the gym ball. You can find different types of gym balls in gym equipment Nairobi shops.

Latest Gym Ball Price List in Kenya

Gym Ball Brand and features Price list of Gym Ball in Kenya
Reebok Fitness Gym Ball with Hand Pump (Included) – 65cm – Blue Ksh 1,800
BODY SCULPTURE Gym Ball 40 – Blue Ksh 2,200
I-CARE Gym Ball with Pump – PurpleHuijun Small Exercise Gym Ball – Red
Huijun Small Exercise Gym Ball – Red Ksh 1,900
SUPER-K SU29325b – Striation Gym Ball – Red Ksh 2,600
Gym Ball Price List in Kenya

Top Best Gym Ball in Kenya review

1. Reebok Fitness Gym Ball With Hand Pump (Included) – 65cm – Blue review


If you visit Nairobi sports house gym equipment outlets, you will come across gym balls from Reebok. The gym ball has excellent construction to assure you great results in your workout sessions. There are different colors available for you to choose the best.

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Features of the Reebok Fitness gym ball you should know

Quality anti-burst gym ball

The ball won’t burst irrespective of your weight. It has strong materials which support your weight so that you can achieve the best in your work out sessions.

Helps your posture and core stability

The exercises supported by the ball allow you to correct your posture as well as making your core stable. With proper utilization of the ball, you will always achieve remarkable results.

Use it at home or in the office

Sometimes you may be too busy to an extent where it is hard to go to the gym. You have freedom to utilize the ball even when you are at home. It makes it possible for you always to keep fit.

2. BODY SCULPTURE Gym Ball 40 – Blue review

Best BODY SCULPTURE Gym Ball in Kenya
Best BODY SCULPTURE Gym Ball in Kenya

The body sculpture is a big name in the Kenya online shops gym equipment. Apart from Adidas shop in Kenya, you can as well search for gym wear Kenyan shops where you can access the ball. The blue ball has the perfect design to support your weight as you undertake different moves in your workout process. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by buying the gym ball include the following:

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Ideal for aerobics exercises

Aerobics exercises are very necessary for you always to stay fit. The ball is perfect for different aerobic moves which will make you stand out in your process of trying to stay fit.

Strengthens and tones muscles

If you are looking for the right exercises to tone your muscles, then you should think of buying a gym ball. The ball allows you to perform different moves which are very effective in toning as well as strengthening your muscles.

Develops overall body muscle

You benefit from developing the overall body muscles. Other areas where you will benefit include increasing balance and coordination in your workout process. It is a fun way to exercise which motivates you to burn those excess calories so that you can always stay fit.

Suitable for all sexes, and ages

You can buy a single gym ball, and it will serve both of you and your loved ones. The ball can be a perfect gift for your loved ones irrespective of their ages and gender.

3. I-CARE Gym Ball with Pump – Purple

Best I-CARE Gym Ball with Pump
Best I-CARE Gym Ball with Pump

The gym fitness ball comes with a pump. It makes it easy for you to inflate it so that you can start working out. With excellent construction, you are always assured of quality services after you purchase the ball.

Benefits of buying I-care gym Ball in Kenya

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Strengthens and tones muscles

You need strong and toned muscles; the gym fitness ball plays a great role in making your muscle stay toned and strong.

Develops overall body muscle

It is necessary for you to develop overall body muscle and reduce fats; the exercises are enabled by the help of the ball. It plays a great role in helping you improve your overall body muscle. It also plays an active role in helping you develop balance and coordination.

Suitable for all sexes and ages

It does not matter your age or sex; the ball is suitable for people of all ages. You are always assured of quality workout sessions after you purchase the gym fitness ball.

4. Huijun Small Exercise Gym Ball – Red

Affordable Small Exercise Gym Ball
Affordable Small Exercise Gym Ball

The sportswear outfitters Nairobi, Kenya have different brands of gym balls. The Huijun brand is among top brands you can buy for you to achieve great success in your workout routines. There are several features which make the gym ball stand out. They include features such as the following:

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Use the gym ball at home

You don’t have to visit a gym each time you will like to work out, the gym fitness ball allows you to follow online tutorials from where you can access tips on how to work out from home.

High-quality gym fitness ball

The material selection makes the gym fitness ball very durable. You can use it for several years before you can think of replacing it. It is a small ball which you can utilize in your small room.

Quality anti-burst exercise ball

Cases of the ball bursting are very minimal. It has an excellent construction which assures you quality operation at all times.

Helps posture and core stability

If you have problems with your core and stability, then you need the ball, and it will make you enjoy great improvements.

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5. SUPER-K SU29325b – Striation Gym Ball – Red review

Striation Gym Ball - Red
Striation Gym Ball – Red

With super-K gym fitness ball, there are several benefits you will enjoy. It is among the best gym balls you can buy in Kenya for you to achieve peace of mind. Some of the features which make the ball stand out include the following:

High Quality

The material construction makes the gym fitness ball stand out. It is a good quality and durable ball you can buy for all your family members.

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Simple and elegant

There are no complicated features; it is a simple ball made to achieve the high level of sturdiness and durability. It is designed for you always to enjoy your workout sessions.