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Best Genuine Online Shopping official Sites in Kenya Jumia, Kilimall, Olx, Cheki & 25+ Selling Quality Affordable Products

Online shopping in Kenya is on the rise. Many Kenyans realize the benefits of doing shopping online. Some of the advantages you enjoy while doing shopping online include locating the best deals. For you to know whether you are about to make the right deal, you need to compare prices in different stores. There is no need of walking in the streets of Nairobi trying to compare prices; you can compare more than 25 sites in Kenya online for you to locate the best deals.

Top 26 shopping websites in Kenya and their official login

You should locate the official websites so that you can do your shopping. For you to know whether a given site is genuine, it has a web address which corresponds to its name. For example, the official website of Jumia Kenya is jumia.co.ke. You can buy almost anything online in Kenya. Some of the products you can buy include electronics, art, clothes, eBooks, household appliances, phones, furniture among others.

Benefits of doing shopping in Kenya online

Recommended Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Saves you money

You can compare several stores and locate the one which has quality products at low prices.

Wide variety of products

Even products which you cannot access in your hometown, you can order online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep via Wells Fargo, Posta Kenya, G4S Kenya among other shipping service providers in Kenya.

Saves time

There is no need of spending the whole afternoon searching for products. You can carry out a Google search on your laptop in Kenya and place an order.

Convenient online shopping in Kenya

You don’t have to expose to other people what you are ordering. If you like to buy those fancy things, you will not like to reveal their names to other people; you can simply fill a form and pay online for the pack to arrive on your doorstep.

You can buy products from outside Kenya online

There are several products which are not readily available in Kenya. For example, if you can visit Jumia Kenya, there are several products in the electronics and fashion industry which are shipped from overseas, but you only pay via Jumia online store.

Easy to locate products in Kenya

A simple search online will display products from different Kenyan online stores for you to buy. It is easy as opposed to searching for the products physically in your local city. Some of the top online shopping sites in Kenya include the following:

1.Jumia Online Shopping website

The official website is jumia.co.ke. It is undoubtedly the number one online shopping mall in Kenya. You can access almost everything you can think of from the store. You need to visit Jumia login page from their website and sign up for you to buy products. Some of the products in their category include products such as:

Recommended Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Jumia online shopping in Kenya
Jumia online shopping in Kenya
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers & laptops
  • Women’s fashion
  • Men’s fashion
  • Fashion Accessories
  • TVs, Audio & Cameras
  • Computing accessories
  • Home & Living products
  • Beauty products
  • Baby, Kids & Toys

Visit Jumia online shopping official website here

2. Kilimall Online Shopping site

You can access the store online at kilimall.co.ke. They form an alternative to Jumia. It is the second largest online supermarket in Kenya. It offers a wide range of products just like Jumia. You can compare prices between Jumia and Kilimall for you to locate the best deals. There are several cheap products from China on their marketplace which you can take advantage of your online shopping.

3. Cheki

At cheki.co.ke you can find hundreds of thousands of used cars in Kenya. Think of any used car sold in Kenya; you can access it on the website. Some of the second-hand cars they sell include:

  • Subaru
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Audi
  • Mazda
  • Isuzu
  • Honda
  • Volkswagen
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes Benz
  • BMW

Recommended Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Cheki allows Kenyans to buy used cars. Almost all cars on Cheki are second-hand cars. But, there are some sellers who list new cars as well. You can sell or buy depending on your specific needs.

4. OLXkenya

It is an online platform where you can buy anything used. If you are looking for second-hand products in Kenya, then you can access them at OLX. They sell washing machines, electronics, and furniture among other products. You can as well buy used cars online on Olx. You can visit them at olxkenya.co.ke.

5. Safaricom

It is a telecommunications service provider but also sells products online. Recently, Safaricom Kenya decided to sell smartphones and laptops online. You can buy a genuine smartphone or laptop online from the official Safaricom website, and they will deliver to your doorstep.

6. Mimi Online Shopping

If you are looking for a place where you can buy fashion products in Kenya, then you need to visit mimi.co.ke. It is an online fashion store where you can buy any dress or fashion wear online in Kenya.

7.Jumia market

It is a sister company to Jumia. The store was formerly known as Kaymu. Jumiamarkektpalce.co.ke allows buyers and sellers to list and buy products online. It is a place to check out if you are looking for rare products online.

Recommended Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

8.Bidorbuy online shopping site in Kenya

At bidorbuy.co.ke you can trade with each other. You can visit the official website and login for you to explore endless opportunities. The online auction platform allows traders and buyers to buy and sell products such as:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes & Accessories
  • Crafts
  • Computers & Networking accessories in Kenya
  • Health & Beauty products
  • Home & Living
  • Movies & Television
  • Mobile Phones & Accessories
  • Music & Instruments
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Sport & Leisure products

9. Rupu Online Shopping

It is available online at rupu.co.ke. Rupu was among the earliest online shopping sites in Kenya. The introduction of new players in the industry has increased competition, but the store is still selling different products online.

10. Amanbo

The online store acts as a wholesaler for China and Africa traders to interact online. It is a wholesale marketplace where you can accomplish different transactions online. They allow buyers to access offers directly from manufacturers hence saving cost related to middlemen.

11. Dakika

At www.dakikaonline.co.ke you can buy electronics online. It is the newest arrival in the industry where you can buy home and living products among others.

12. Electrohub

At electrohub.co.ke you can access a wide variety of products. Some of the products in their categories include tires, watches in Kenya, and smartphones, speakers among others. They accept Mpesa payment options as well as other money transfer services such as Airtel money.

13. China buy

If you like to purchase products such as fashion, electronics and garden appliances from China, you can visit chinabuy.co.ke for you to save on prices.

14. Vitu mob

If you like to buy products from a major global online marketplace such as eBay and Amazon, then you better visit vitumob.co.ke in Kenya. The platform makes it easy to access products from the UK and USA markets.

15. UKDukas

The store operates more like vitumob. It allows a direct e-retail solution for buyers who intend to buy products directly from the U.K. At ukdukas.co.like there are over a billion products to choose from in major online sellers such as Argos, Zara, M&S, Amazon shopping in Kenya, e-Bay, Newlook,  H&M, Next, ASOS, ALDO, BHS, Topshop,  Debenhams, and Boohoo.

If you like to buy products from the above stores while in Kenya, you can just visit ukdukas.co.ke, and you will have a simple buying process. You are allowed to pay via Kenyan currency, and the products will be delivered to Nairobi for you to collect.

15. Air Cargo Global

At kenyaAirCargo.com you can buy products from eBay, Amazon, among other major shops in the US and UK. They arrange for the products to be delivered to Kenya so that you can conveniently collect them.

16. Mama Mikes

If you need clean energy products such as solar lamps in Kenya, you can visit mamamikes.co.ke. The store specializes in clean cookstoves among other home appliances in Kenya.

17. Phonesoko

It is an online store dedicated to selling phones online in Kenya online. You can visit them at phonesoko.com.

18. Ngiko Online

It is an online store which works the same way Jumia operates. They offer a wide variety of products.

19. Himall Online Shopping site

They operate by providing high-quality products in Kenya at affordable prices.

20. The Magunga Bookstore

If you are looking for books by African writers, the online store is the best for you to shop.

21. eKitabu

It allows easy buying of books online in Kenya.

22. Foodplus

It is an online store run by Chandarana supermarket where it allows buying of fresh food products online. Some of the products you can order online include meat products, snacks, spirits, wines as well as beauty and health products.

23. Jumia Food

It is a sister company to Jumia where people can order foods online. They deliver fresh food very fast.

24. BuyRentKenya

It is a place to find properties for sale and rent in Kenya online.

25. Jumia House

It is a real estate listing company. You can list your property for sale or look for one to buy.

26. Byhand Products

It allows shopping for paintings, home decorations and clocks online in Kenya. The official website is at ByhandProducts.com.

27. Phone Place Kenya

It is a popular place where you can buy a smartphone in Kenya. Have tried phone place Kenya and I know they are quick to deliver quality products. They are available at phoneplacekenya.com.

28. Phones Store Kenya

It is a sister company to phone place Kenya. At phonesstorekenya.com you are assured of any make of smartphone in Kenya at the best affordable prices and same day delivery. To make it even better, you can pay on delivery.