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Best Camping Accessories in Kenya Review & Price List Comparison

You need to check out the best camping accessories in Kenya. Your trip to Kenya will never be enjoyable if you travel without the necessary accessories you need. If you rely on a tour guide, then he should be fully prepared to avail to you all the camping gear you need. You should as well have your gear which will guide you to enjoy the best out of your camping adventure. We have compiled a list of top camping gear for you to have and make your camping trip great.

Camping Accessories Price List in Kenya

Camping Accessories Brand and features Price list of Camping Accessories in Kenya
SUNPOWER Camping Bed Ksh 5,199
Jianshe All-Terrain Vehicle – 250CCKsh 395,000
Swing 2132 – 20″ – Bike Ksh 16,665
SUNPOWER 4 Person Camping Tent- Yellow/GreenKsh 3,500
SIVIMEN KENYA Black Hiking Rucksack Bag Camping Accessories Ksh 7,500
Latest Camping Accessories Price List in Kenya

Top Best Camping accessories in Kenya review

1. SUNPOWER Camping Bed in Kenya review

Best Camping Bed Review
Best Camping Bed Review

It is the best camping bed in Kenya. There are several factors which make the camping bed stand out, for example, it is easy to assemble. You only take few minutes, and you will have a place for you to shelter. It is made to be very comfortable for you and your family members. The choice of fabrics makes the camping bed very durable. If you are looking for a place where to buy camping bed in Kenya online, we recommend Jumia and other online shops which deliver fast.

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SUNPOWER Camping Bed review

Very comfortable

You need a comfortable bed for you to relax while out in the wilderness. The bed has the right selection of materials which make it very enjoyable for you always to enjoy your time while at the tent. It is large enough to accommodate a single person. Your outdoor adventure will never be the same again upon ordering the camping bed.

Lightweight and easy to carry around

You need a lightweight bed for you to carry around while camping in different camping sites available in Kenya. The design allows easy recline for you always to find it easy when moving or even setting it up for you to enjoy the warm sun.

2. Jianshe All-Terrain Vehicle – 250CC

Best All Terrain Vehicle in Kenya review/Camping Accessories
Best All Terrain Vehicle in Kenya review

You may be wondering on Where to buy cheap all-terrain vehicles in Kenya. It is possible for you to buy the all-terrain vehicle online. Before you make your order, you should first check the technical specifications. Apart from the all-terrain vehicles used for recreation purposes in Kenya, you can as well use them for towing purposes. They can pull lawn mowers for you to cut grass in your home.

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Best Jianshe all-terrain vehicle in Kenya

Full function backlit odometer display

The odometer display makes it easy for you to have full control over your vehicle. It shows all parameters of the vehicle for you to easily navigate around. It has enough carry racks for you to carry different items you need when out enjoying the outdoor adventures.

Tow bar with 50mm ball

The tow bar makes it easy for you to drag different weights. You can use it to haul your lawn mower and speed up the lawn maintenance process. Riding the all-terrain vehicle in Kenya is very enjoyable. You will always enjoy your time after you buy the lawn mower and hook it on the all-terrain vehicle.

Oil cooler all-terrain vehicle

It has been provided with oil cooling system for you to always cool the system easily. There is no fear of the system overheating even if you will spend the whole day out riding. It has been made to assure you the necessary support you need when having fun outdoors. There is a toolbox for you to carry all items you need in case of a breakdown.

3. Swing 2132 – 20″ – Bike

Best mountain bike in Kenya review
Best mountain bike in Kenya review

There are several bike trails in Kenya. You can visit Naivasha and rent a bike. But, if you are staying near the hiking trails, you can buy the bikes and have them in your home. They offer the best opportunity for you to work out. Remember you should always stay fit. Buying the bikes will make you stay fit comfortably. They will make it easy for you to go out for short errands as well as other fun adventures. When it comes to where to buy a mountain bike in Kenya, you should consider online shops. They offer the best opportunity for you to assess different brands of bikes available in Kenya so that you will decide on the best.

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Swing 2132 bike review


If you like to buy the best mountain bike for ladies in Kenya, then you can consider the bike. It will serve both ladies and men hence making it the best unisex mountain bike. The bike works in both uphill ride as well as downhill. The safety features ensure you are always offered the safest ride ever.

Perfect for paved surfaces and bike paths

For your swing bike to last long, you should try to stick to paved surfaces or bike paths. Several people have bought the mountain bikes; they serve them very well. You will ever regret upon buying the mountain bike.

4. SUNPOWER 4 Person Camping Tent- Yellow/Green

Best Camping Tent in Kenya
Best Camping Tent in Kenya

Any outdoor enthusiast will tell you a camping tent is necessary. You will never know whether rain will fall while you are out enjoying your time in the woodland adventure. You can always have your loved ones protected from extreme rain or the sun after you buy the right camping tent. The SUNPOWER model has several features which make it stand out.

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Why you need to buy SUNPOWER

Easy to pitch

You don’t need a lot of training before you can pitch the tent. It comes with clear instructions. You can even use your imagination, and the tent will be up for you to shelter. Other added features include carrying bag for you to dismantle and carry it back home easily.

Breathable inner material and Polyester outside material

The choice of materials is perfect for you to avoid excessive sweating when in the tent.

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5. SIVIMEN KENYA Black Hiking Rucksack Bag Camping Accessories

Best Hiking Racksack Bag in Kenya
Best Hiking Racksack Bag in Kenya

When going for hikes or even camping in Kenya, you need a backpack. The SIVIMEN KENYA Black Hiking has a great design to allow you carry all necessary items you need during your Kenyan camping adventure. It is stylish with several features for you to always enjoy your outdoor.

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Features of SIVIMEN KENYA Black Hiking Backpack

Sides and Front Pockets

The pockets allow you to carry different items in the pockets provided. It makes it easy for you to stay organized when outdoors.

Aluminum Frame

The structure makes the bag lightweight to carry but very durable. Zips are tough for you to walk in any terrain without fear of tears.