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Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick in Kenya & Price List Comparison

How much do Bluetooth selfie stick cost in Kenya? The price varies. You can find it at low as 800/= and as high as 5,000/=. The price depends on the model of the selfie stick you are about to buy. Nowadays many people think of buying selfie sticks apart from buying phones with powerful cameras. The selfie sticks are very helpful when it comes to taking phones in a crowded area. You will just fit your phone and raise it above the ground. You will take a selfie with your loved ones or even prominent people while included. They vary on the features which they possess. There are others which work on both Android and iOS phones while others may restrict you. You should always check the features available on the selfie stick before you make your order.

Latest Bluetooth Selfie Stick Price List in Kenya

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Price List in Kenya

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Brand and features Price list of Bluetooth Selfie Stick in Kenya
I WILL Bluetooth Selfie Click StickKsh 1,600
ZOOOK ZP-PSB – 3 in 1 Bluetooth selfie stick – Power bank – Torch Ksh 3,990
Monopod Bluetooth Selfie StickKsh 1,400
BIGGY SMILES Jack Selfie Stick MiniKsh 599
Philips Jack Selfie Stick – MonopodKsh 493
Latest Bluetooth Selfie Stick Price List in Kenya

Top Bluetooth Selfie Click Sticks in Kenya

1.I WILL Bluetooth Selfie Click Stick-Price Ksh 1,600

Best Bluetooth Selfie stick
Best Bluetooth Selfie stick

The selfie stick comes in an elegant pink color. It is a light weight selfie stick for you to carry to different locations so that you can take a selfie without any stress. The aluminum alloy allows you to have a strong but lightweight selfie stick. I WILL Bluetooth selfie stick is among the best you can buy at an affordable cost in Kenya.

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Why you need to order I WILL Bluetooth selfie stick


The aluminum construction makes the selfie stick very durable. You will take a lot of time before you can replace it.

Extends to 108cm

So far, it is the longest selfie stick you can ever buy. You will extend your smartphone above the crowd for you to take those amazing photos.

Closes to 20cm

The selfie stick is compact enough for you to carry it around. It will close to less than 20 cm for you to easily carry it your purse.

Remote button on the stick

You will not have to stretch before you can take your photo or videos, just press the Bluetooth button and it will take stunning photos. There is no need of hiring a camera operator, buy a selfie stick, and you will easily take pictures of yourself and friends.

How does a selfie stick work?

Here are simple steps for you to get started:

  1. Press the button on the bottom of the stick to turn the Bluetooth on.
  2. Pair the selfie stick to your phone through the Bluetooth application; it is a quick process just the way you turn on Bluetooth and share files with friends.
  3. Fix your smartphone or iPod on the spring loaded adjustable mount.
  4. Extend the arm of your selfie stick to the desired length
  5. Snap each picture using a remote button on your selfie stick handle.

2. ZOOOK ZP-PSB – 3 in 1 Bluetooth selfie stick – Power bank – Torch

Best selfie stick and phone accessories in Kenya
Best selfie stick and phone accessories in Kenya

Instead of buying several accessories for your phone, you can buy all the accessories you need in a single package. The ZOOOK ZP-PSB comes with a selfie stick, power bank, and a torch. Some of the great features you will enjoy in the ZOOOK ZP-PSB include the following:

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Supports both iOS & smartphones

If you have an Android phone or an Apple device, the selfie stick can be easily applied to help you take clear photos for you and your loved ones. There is no need of taking a camera operator to your retreats.

 In-Built 2200mAH 5v/1A Power Bank

The power bank is ideal for you to take photos without worrying about your charge level. It can take pictures and recharge the smartphone anytime you will notice the charge is becoming too weak.

Handy LED torch built into handle of the selfie stick

You need a torch for you to move during darkness. You can go out and spend your time till it is too late; with the selfie stick, you will not have to worry. You can easily use the torch for you to see the way clearly. The device makes it easy for you to take selfies anywhere you are in a group.

Quick connect for fast & secure mounting

You don’t have to worry about how to use a selfie stick; it comes with instructions on how to use so that you can easily mount it. It holds your expensive smartphone firmly for you always to achieve the significant level of safety when taking photos. Incidences of taking awkward photos at arm’s length will be no more upon buying the selfie stick.

Cheap Selfie Stick in Kenya

3. Monopod Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Monopod Bluetooth Selfie Stick in Kenya
Monopod Bluetooth Selfie Stick in Kenya

If you are looking to save on selfie stick price, then you better settle for monopod blue tooth selfie stick. It has great features to make it your best companion when traveling and you will like to take the moments so that you can share with your loved ones.

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What makes monopod Bluetooth selfie stick stand out?

Compatible with most smartphones

Provided your smartphone is Bluetooth enabled and supports adenoid or iOS, the selfie stick can be applied to take your group photos with great ease. It is long enough to allow you take selfies which will capture the background as well as every detail of your friend’s smiles.

Best for outdoor adventures

If you love outdoor activities such as weddings, hiking, camping, video diaries, at the beach, aerial photos, and sports, the selfie stick will make you take pictures which your friends will like to share.


It is portable for you to carry it to different locations and take clear photos easily.

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4. BIGGY SMILES Jack Selfie Stick Mini

Budget Friendly Selfie Stick
Budget Friendly Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is among the best you can find when looking for a selfie stick in Jumia shop Kenya. It is green which makes you stand out when taking those beautiful moments. It is compatible with most smartphones in the Kenyan market.

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Features of Biggy Smiles Jack Selfie Stick

Anti-twist grooves increases durability

The anti-twist grooves prevent camera shift for you to take focused photos. It is long enough to allow you take selfies which will quickly capture the background.

Areas where you can use the selfie stick:

  1. Traveling
  2. Video diaries
  3. Hiking/camping
  4. Weddings
  5. Parties
  6. At the beach
  7. Concerts
  8. Aerial photos
  9. Sports events

It is a lightweight and portable set for you to carry around.

5. Philips Jack Selfie Stick – Monopod

Extendable selfie stick
Extendable selfie stick

It is an elegant pink selfie stick for you to buy and start taking beautiful photos. The aluminum alloy makes the stick very durable for you to carry around without fear of breakage. It can extend to 60cm and close at 20cm. The remote button is easy to press due to rubber construction. Your tours will be outstanding after you have the stick with your smartphone accessories.


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