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Armco Refrigerator Prices in Kenya and Comparison of Different Models

ARMCO refrigerator prices vary in Kenya. The prices are based on factors such as the size of the fridge, technology among other features. Before you head out to buy a fridge, it is necessary to have a checklist of features which you would like to have in a fridge. For example, you need to check on the size.A small fridge will only serve for the needs of a single person or a small family. It is necessary to buy a mid-sized fridge so that even if your family will grow, you will still have space where you can keep the food. The durability of the fridge also matters. With ARMCO refrigerators, you should not worry on how they can serve for long. You can always turn to ARMCO Kenya ltd, Nairobi where you can access help in case you have a warranty.

ARMCO refrigerators prices, model and features Price list of ARMCO refrigerators in Kenya
ARMCO ARF-D138(W) – 90 Litres KSh 22,995
ARMCO ARF-S127(B) – Single Door Refrigerator – 92L KSh 18,495
ARMCO ARF-280(WW) – 282L KSh 56,995
ARMCO ARF-280(SL) – 282LKSh 57,995

Top best ARMCO refrigerators review in Kenya

1. ARMCO ARF-D138(W) – 90 Litres -KSh 22,995


It is a small size refrigerator which is ideal for a home of less than three people. If you have other refrigerators, it can as well work well as an additional space where you can cool items. There is an attractive bonus after you buy the refrigerator; it comes with a free Armco rice cooker.


Double Door Refrigerator

If you love double door design, then the unit can work well for you. It is a double door refrigerator which employs the latest technology to cool your items.

Quality Performance

Use of the latest technology makes it a quality appliance you can buy at home. It employs the latest technology to cool food fast. You need to check on the noise production before buying a given refrigerator, if you can decide to go for the refrigerator; it can serve you very well. It is designed with your comfort in mind.

Power cut ever cool: up to 9 Hours

If power goes off, you do not have to worry of your meat going bad. It has a special design which retains coldness for up to 9 hours. With power cut technology, it will automatically switch off hence save you on power when the desired temperature has been reached.

Fast Ice Making

Do you love making ice cream? The refrigerator can work very well. It comes with a feature which allows it to make ice very fast. You need ice at home for different operations. For example, you would like to have some ice cubes in your whisky among other applications. The refrigerator cannot let you down even if you need them fast.

Exquisite, elegant finish

The design of the refrigerator enhances the interior design. If you would like your home to stand out, then you need to invest in appliances which have been designed to enhance the look of the home. Manufacturers of the refrigerator took time to come up with a great unit you can have at home.

ARMCO refrigerator with Toughened Glass Shelves

The glass shelves are toughened so that you can place any amount of food without fear of them breaking. When it comes to food organization, you can enjoy great success upon buying the refrigerator.

2. ARMCO ARF-S127(B) – Single Door Refrigerator – 92L –KSh 18,495


Single Door Refrigerator

It is a small size refrigerator which you can have at home. If you would like to have a small unit, then it can serve you very well.

Quality Performance

When it comes to quality performance, it scores highly. The compact design and powerful compressor ensures the unit can cool very fast. Food quality is conserved as you apply the unit to cool at home. ARMCO makes the best fridges in Kenya. You can buy with confidence.

Power cut ever cool: up to 9 Hours

If the temperature is attained, it will cut off power as a way of saving you energy. There is this tendency where many places in Kenya tend to experience power cuts. You do not have to worry on how you can achieve the best cooling capability. The refrigerator can operate very well in places where there are frequent blackouts. Its design allows you to have food cool for up to 9 hours even if the electricity has been cut off. Other great features of the unit include:

Fast Ice Making: You can easily apply it to make ice-creams

Exquisite, elegant finish to enhance the look of your home

Toughened Glass Shelves allows it to hold food even if you will like to refrigerate a lot.

3. ARMCO ARF-280(WW) – 282L –KSh 56,995

ARMCO ARF-S127(B) - Single Door Refrigerator
ARMCO ARF-S127(B) – Single Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

If you have a large family, then it is the unit for you to buy. It is the most ideal refrigerator for big family needs. It large size allows you to cool food for the whole family. With two door design, you can easily open to reach food stored in different shelves.

The ARMCO refrigerator with Interior Lamp

It is a big unit but you will not have to struggle to reach food. You can utilize the light to locate where the foodstuff is located easily. Most ARMCO home appliances are highly durable, you can be sure the refrigerator will not let you down.

3 Strengthened Wire Shelves

Use of wire shelves allows free circulation of cold air in the big refrigerator so that the cooling can be evenly spread. The construction assures you great durability. Most products made by ARMCO such as ARMCO gas cookers in Kenya are of top quality. You can buy their refrigerators with peace of mind.

Crystal Vegetable Crisper

Vegetables are healthy; you can easily incorporate them into your diet after buying a refrigerator where you can store them. The big unit works very well for you.

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4. ARMCO ARF-280(SL) – 282L- KSh 57,995


It is a double door refrigerator which assures you the best operation possible. If you will like to buy a big refrigerator for the big family use, then the unit can work very well. It is a two door design hence you can easily reach for food. Other great features include the following:

Interior Lamp

The lamp allows you to see different parts of the refrigerator. It is also an indicator your unit is powered.

3 Strengthened Wire Shelves ARMCO refrigerator

Use of shelf wires allows you to store food easily. The wires are strong enough to hold vegetables among other foodstuffs you can store in the unit.

Crystal Vegetable Crisper

The crisper allows for easy storage of vegetables. You can be sure of enjoying healthy vegetables all year round upon buying the unit. From ARMCO fridge reviews, the unit is among the best sellers in Kenya.