About Us


About Us

We are product review experts in Kenya. Many people fear online buying. It is necessary considering nobody will like to lose his or her hard earned money. There are several online stores in Kenya with genuine products. We check the products and ensue they are up to standard before we list them.

Our aim is to offer unbiased review on different products sold in Kenya. There is a wide range of products. Some we have tried, but others we rely on online reviews to rate them. Ranging from TVs, cookers among other home appliances we review them all. The online market is on the increase. You need to carry out due diligence before making a purchase. Instead of taking a lot of time trying to carry out research, we have done it all for you. You just fill a simple online form and the products will be delivered to your home.

We are a team of young and talented University graduates who are eager to explore online shopping. Most of the products listed on our review site are sold in major online shops in Kenya. Time is limited, people will like to save on time, and the best way to do so is to shop online. You enjoy the benefit of ordering products straight from your smartphone or laptop.

Our contact form is working so that we can always answer your questions. Just like the way doing shopping in major supermarkets is simple and straight forward, we are trying to make the same experience for novice online buyers.

There is a wide range of products we have reviewed. Our team of talented writers assesses each product before outlining major features and benefits of buying each so that you can make a quick online buying decision. We even go further to compare prices in different stores so that we can avail all the information to you.